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Ms. Elena Dingu-Kyrklund

SwedenMs. Elena Dingu-Kyrklund

Elena Dingu-Kyrklund is CEO, Senior Researcher, Project leader and Evaluator at Kyrklunds’ Consulting International/University of Stockholm, Sweden. Her fields of expertise include IMER – International Migration and Ethnic Relations, Human Rights, International and Comparative Education, EU- and Comparative International Law, International Relations, Social Anthropology, Linguistics/Philology and Pedagogy. Since 2001, Ms. Dingu-Kyrklund has been acting as an independent expert, among others for the European Commission, the European Council and other EU, national and international bodies - e.g. lately involved in the joint European Council/European Commission’s "Intercultural cities" project.  As an independent expert and evaluator she also carries out research and analysis on various levels, e.g. national and international organisations. Her work as a multi-disciplinary researcher resulted in a number of international publications and presentations. Ms. Dingu-Kyrklund is member of several professional associations and networks, e.g. IMER förbundet – the Association of Swedish Researchers in International Migration and Ethnic Relations, IMISCOE – an EU-funded IMER-researchers’ network of excellence, KAF - the Swedish Academic Wormen's Association, etc.  
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Country: Sweden
Contributions: None
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High Level Conference06/11/2012
Labour and skills shortages are expected to rise in the European Union over the short to medium term, in parallel with unemployment rates. These tren...
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