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Dr. Lesleyanne Hawthorne

AustraliaDr. Lesleyanne Hawthorne

Dr Lesleyanne Hawthorne (PhD, MA, BA Hons, Dip Ed, Grad Dip Mig Stud) is Professor (International Workforce) at the University of Melbourne, and was previously Research Manager at Australia’s Bureau of Immigration Multicultural and Population Research. Dr. Hawthorne has 25 years experience researching global skilled migration, foreign credential recognition, and international student flows. Most recently she has undertaken commissioned projects for UNESCO, the Australian, Canadian and New Zealand governments, the Global Forum of Federations, the Migration Policy Institute (USA), and the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council. In 2005-06 Lesleyanne was appointed to an Expert Panel of Three by Australia’s Federal Cabinet to complete the most extensive evaluation of Australia’s economic migration program since 1988, with significant policy impacts. This research has been followed by in-depth commissioned studies assessing the impact of global migration on key professional fields, global trends in relation to ‘two-step' student migration, and comparisons of the role of national compared to sub national governments in relation to migration and integration.
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Country: Australia
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