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Mr. Paolo Bonetti

ItalyMr. Paolo Bonetti

Paolo Bonetti is Associate Professor in Constitutional Law at the Faculty of Sociology of the State University Milano-Bicocca. Among others, his research interests include about a legal Italian system about principles of equality, conditions of foreigners, immigration, the right to asylum, citizenship, security, terrorism and minorities. He is working with the ISMU foundation (Initiatives and Studies of Multi-ethnicity) and the ORIM (Regional Centre for immigration supported by the Lombardy County Council). In Italy he is member of ASGI (association of legal studies of immigration) and he is a scientific responsible of internet status of ASGI ( He is member of scientific panel of a most important Italian review of migration law “Diritto immigrazione cittadinanza”.  In the past, Mr. Bonetti has also been working with and has undertaken consultancy and training activities on the subject of immigration and local police for the Milan City Council, the Naples Regional Council, the Lecco District Council and other local administrations in Italy. Moreover, Mr. Bonetti directly contributed to the proposals of many of the Italian government decrees which today are part of the laws on immigration in Italy: he was member of Government consultative commission who prepared in 1996-1997 a new general legislation of immigration in Italy.
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Country: Italy
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