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Dr. Ana María  López-Sala

SpainDr. Ana María López-Sala

Dr. Ana María López-Sala is a Research Fellow at the Institute of Economics, Geography and Demography of the Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) in Madrid. She holds a doctoral degree in Sociology and Political Science from the Universidad Complutense (Madrid). In June 2009 she took part in the Bellagio Program at the Rockefeller Foundation. The current research conducted by Dr. López-Sala tackles the issues of irregular immigration and immigration control policy in Southern Europe, comparative immigration policies and Asian communities in Spain. Among her most recent publications are “Inmigrantes y Estados: la respuesta política ante la cuestión migratoria”, Anthropos, Barcelona (2005), “The future of immigration control in Spain: political and normative challenges” (in: R. Zapata (ed.), “Políticas de gobernabilidad de la inmigración en España”, 2009),“The farthest Southern Border of Europe: Immigration and Politics in the Canary Islands” (in: Migraciones Internacionales nº 12, 2007) and “Migraciones y Fronteras”, Icaria, Barcelona (2010).
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Country: Spain
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