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Labour Market Inclusion of Less Skilled Migrants

Event: Labour Market Inclusion of Less Skilled Migrants
Date: 13-10-2011

Immigration policies often differentiate sharply in approaches between admitting for employment highly skilled and less skilled workers. Migrants with high qualifications tend to benefit from more open admission regimes, while legal avenues for entry of foreign workers for employment in the less skilled occupations are increasingly closed. Public opinion in particular is more critical towards less skilled migration, and in practice demand is met by admission through family, humanitarian and student immigration channels, or by tacit approval of high levels of irregular migration and employment. Nevertheless, shortages persist throughout the economic downturn in a range of less skilled occupations, while many migrants with lower qualifications suffer from unemployment and labour market marginalization exacerbated by recession.


What impact has less skilled migration had on the economy, labour markets and employment in the European Union countries? Is there evidence of negative impact on the wages and job opportunities of the EU nationals? What position do these migrants occupy on the EU labour markets and how they have been affected by recession? In the recent years Europe is facing increasing challenge of inclusion and combating further marginalization of less skilled migrants residing in the EU, and upholding labour rights and working conditions of all workers.


Against this background, IOM Independent Network of Labour Migration and Integration Experts (LINET) together with EUROFOUND and with support of DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities of the European Commission is holding a one-day expert seminar on Labour Market Inclusion of Less Skilled Migrants in Brussels on 13 October 2011 gathering participants from 27 EU Member States, as well as Croatia, Norway and Turkey.


Preliminary findings of the IOM LINET/EUROFOUND study on Labour Market Inclusion of Less Skilled Migrants will be presented by IOM Expert Panel gathering researchers from the across the EU, and will serve as a basis for the subsequent debate with a broad range of stakeholders that will aim at placing migration within a broader strategic economic and employment policy discourse.


Two thematic sessions will further explore the key facets of the debate. On the one hand, the participants will discuss the patterns of demand for less skilled workers, the role of immigration policies in shaping the supply of foreign labour, and the resulting impact such immigration had on the labour markets and employment in the EU. The second session will investigate policy responses to labour market integration challenges of less skilled migrants and present practical case studies identified and assessed through LINET research.


The seminar will be concluded by a stakeholder panel discussion with participation of representatives of the EU institutions, national governments, social partners and experts who will offer their insights on the themes debated during the seminar.


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